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Biometric Research Program (BRP)
Last Updated: 07/07/17

Staff Directory

Name Phone Email Room
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. Lisa Meier McShane
Acting Associate Director,
Division of Cancer Treatment
and Diagnosis
(240)276-6037 5W130
Ms. Darlene Jones
Administrative Support
(240)276-6041 5W202
Biostatistics Branch
Dr. Boris Freidlin
Acting Branch Chief
(240)276-6024 5W102
Dr. Jared Foster (240)276-7385 5W638
Dr. Erich Huang (240)276-6151 5W110
Dr. Edward Korn (240)276-6029 5W112
Dr. Lawrence Rubinstein (240)276-6026 5W106
Dr. Joanna Shih
(240)276-6035 5W124
Dr. Laura Yee
(240)276-5654 5W114
Computational and Systems Biology Branch
Dr. Yingdong Zhao
Acting Branch Chief
(240)276-6025 5W104
Dr. Julia Krushkal Adkins
(240)276-5988 5W118
Dr. Jianwen Fang (240)276-7672 5W632
Dr. Ming-Chung Li (240)276-6147 5W620
Dr. Alida Palmisano (240)276-6484 5W120
Dr. Dmitriy Sonkin
(240)276-5678 4W614
Dr. George Wright (240)276-6027 5W108
Special Volunteers and Guest Researchers
Dr. Richard Simon (240)276-6028   5W122
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Simarjeet K. Negi
(240)276-6603 5W212
Dr. Suleyman Vural (240)276-5020 5W206