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Biometric Research Program (BRP)

Dr. Erich Huang

Mathematical Statistician, Biostatistics Branch

Research Interests

Imaging in clinical trials, design and analysis of radiomic studies, Bayesian inference, statistical methods for high-dimensional data, methodology for meta-analysis

CV (Updated February 2021)

Selected Recent Peer Reviewed Papers:

Paller CJ, Huang EP, Leuchtefeld T, Masset HA, Williams CC, Zhao J, Gravell AE, Tamashiro T, Reeves SA, Rosner GL, Carducci MA, Rubinstein L, Ivy SP (2019). "Factors Affecting Combination Trial Success (FACTS): Investigators survey results on early-phase combination trials". Frontiers in Medicine 6 (122).

Huang EP, Lin FI, Shankar LK (2017). "Beyond correlations, sensitivities, and specificities: A roadmap for demonstrating utility of advanced imaging in oncology treatment and clinical trial design". Academic Radiology 24 (8), pg. 1036-1049.

Vargas HA, Huang EP, Lakham Y, Ippolito J, Bhosale P, Mellnick V, Shinagare A, Anello M, Kirby J, Fevrier-Sullivan B, Freymann J, Jaffe C, Sala E (2017). "Radiogenomics of high grade serous ovarian cancer: Multi-reader multi-institutional study from the Cancer Genome Atlas Ovarian Cancer (TCGA-OV) Imaging Research Group". Radiology 285 (2), pg. 482-492.

Li H, Zhu Y, Burnside ES, Huang E, Drukker K, Hoadley KA, Fan C, Conzen SD, Zuley M, Net JM, Sutton E, Whitman GJ, Morris E, Perou CM, Ji Y, Giger ML (2016). "Quantitative MRI radiomics in the prediction of molecular classification of breast cancer subtypes in the TCGA/TCIA data set". Nature Partner Journals Breast Cancer 2 (16012).

Huang, EP, Wang, XF, Roy Choudhury, K, McShane, LM, Gonen, M, Ye, J, Buckler, AJ, Kinahan, PE, Reeves, AP, Jackson, EF, Guimaraes, AR, Zahlmann, G, for the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance Meta-Analysis Working Group (2015). "Meta-analysis of the technical performance of an imaging procedure: guidelines and statistical methodology". Statistical Methods in Medical Research 24 (1), pg. 141-174.

Obuchowski, NA, Reeves, AP, Huang, EP, Wang, XF, Buckler, AJ, Kim, HJ, Barnhart, HX, Jackson, EF, Giger, ML, Pennello, G, Toledano, AY, Kalpathy-Cramer, J, Apanasovich, TV, Kinahan, PE, Myers, KJ, GOldgof, DB, Barboriak, DP, Gillies, RJ, Schwartz, HL,Sullivan, DC, for the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance Metrology Algorithm Comparison Working Group (2015). "Quantitative imaging biomarkers: a review of statistical methods for computer algorithm comparisons". Statistical Methods in Medical Research 24 (1), pg. 68-106.

Sullivan, DC, Obuchowski, NA, Kessler, LG, Raunig, DL, Gatsonis, C, Huang, EP, Kondratovich, M, McShane, LM, Reeves, AP,Barboriak, DP, Guimaraes, AR, Wahl, RL, for the Radiological Society of North America Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance Metrology Working Group (2015). "Metrology standards for quantitative imaging biomarkers". Radiology 277 (3), pg. 813-825.

Dr. Erich Huang

Office Address:
Room 5W110
9609 Medical Center Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

Contact Information:
Tel: (240) 276-6151
Fax: (240) 276-7888