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Dr. Boris Freidlin

Branch Chief, Biostatistics Branch


Dr. Freidlin has been a statistician with the National Cancer Institute since 1998. He was appointed chief of the Biostatistics Branch in 2019. Before coming to the NCI, he worked for the Emmes Corporation and the George Washington University Biostatistics Center. Dr. Freidlin holds a BS degree in mathematics from the University of Maryland and a PhD degree in statistics from the George Washington University. His research interests include design and analysis of adaptive clinical trials and methodologies for evaluation of new cancer treatments and companion biomarkers. Dr. Freidlin is co-author of over 100 publications. He is currently on the data safety and monitoring board for the Children's Oncology Group. Dr. Freidlin is an Associate Editor of Clinical Trials. He serves on the NCI Myeloma, Lymphoma, Leukemia Steering Committees and on the NCI Pediatric Leukemia & Lymphoma and Pediatric Solid Tumor Steering Committees.

CV (Updated January 2023)

Selected Publications:

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Freidlin B and Korn EL. Augmenting randomized clinical trial data with historical control data: Precision medicine applications. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (in press)

LoRusso PM, Freidlin B. Improving Precision Oncology through Better Designs and Reporting of Biomarker-Driven Randomized Clinical Trials. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (in press)

Korn EL, Moscow JA, and Freidlin B. Dose optimization during drug development: whether and when to optimize. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (in press)

Dr. Boris Freidlin

Office Address:
Room 5W102
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