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pCR Trial-Level Surrogate Analysis Software

[Download pCR Trial-Level Surrogate Analysis Software] Download

This is an R source package that contains the code, data, documentation, and results of the analysis reported in "Assessing pathological complete response as a trial-level surrogate endpoint for early-stage breast cancer" and supplement, by E. L. Korn, M. C. Sachs, & L. M. McShane, Ann Oncol 27: 10-15, 2016.

The package is organized as follows:
- DESCRIPTION details the analysis and documents the dependencies.
- The /data subdirectory contains the data files in .csv and .RData formats. The data sets are documented in the /man directory.
- The /inst/doc directory contains the code and results of the analysis.
- The /R directory has the R functions that were used in the analysis.
- The /man directory contains the documentation in Rd format. View the documentation in R by typing ?pcrmeta.

To install, download the source file pcrmeta_0.4.1.tar.gz, and type the command install.packages("pcrmeta_0.4.1.tar.gz", type = "source", repos = NULL). Load the package by typing library(pcrmeta), then view the help files by typing ?pcrmeta