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Dr. Joanna Shih

Mathematical Statistician, Biostatistics Branch

Research Interests

Clinical trials, survival analysis, familial association analysis, and diagnostic accuracy.

CV (Updated Feb., 2022)

Selected Publications:

Huang EP, Shih JH. Assigning readers to cases in imaging studies using balanced incomplete block designs. Stat Methods Med Res 30:2288-2312, 2021.

Hunsberger S, Long L, Reese SE, Hong G, Zerbe CS, Shih JH. Rank correlation inferences for clustered data with small sample size. Statistica Neerlandica doi: 10.1111/stan.12261 R package.

Mena E, Rowe SP, Shih JH, Lindenberg Z, Turkbey B, Fourquet A, Lin FI, Adler S, Eclarinal P, McKinney YL, Citrin DE, Dahut W, Wood BJ, Chang R, Levy E, Merino M, Gorin MA, Pomper MG, Pinto PA, Eary JF, Choyke PL, Pienta KJ. Predictors of 18F-DCFPyL-PET/CT Positivity in patients with biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer after local therapy. J Nucl Med. doi: 10.2967/jnumed.121.262347.

Yerram NK, Long L, O'Connor LP, Wang AZ, Ahdoot M, Lebastchi AH, Gurram S, Zeng J, Chalfin H, Harmon SA, Mehralivand S, Merino MJ, Parnes HL, Choyke PL, Shih JH, Wood BJ, Turkbey B, Pinto PA. MRI-Targeted and Systematic Biopsy for Detection of Grade Progression in Patients on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer. J Urol doi: 10.1097/JU.0000000000001547.

Ahdoot M, Wilbur AR, Reese SE, Lebastchi AH, Mehralivand S, Gomella P, Bloom J, Gurram S, Siddiqui M, Pinsky P, Parnes H, Linehan M, Merino M, Choyke P, Shih JH, Turkbey B, Wood B, Pinto PA. MRI-targeted, systematic, or combined biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis. N Engl J Med, 382:917-928, 2020.

Harmon S, Sanford T, Brown GT, Yang C, Mehralivand S, Jacob JM, Valera V, Shih JH, Agarwal P, Choyke P, Turkbey B. Multi-resolution application of artificial intelligence in digital pathology for prediction of positive lymph nodes from primary tumors in bladder cancer. JCO Clin Cancer Inform 4:367-382, 2020.

Mehralivand S, Shih JH, Harmon S, Smith C, Bloom J, Gold S, Hale G, Rayn K, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Pinto PA, Choyke PL, Turkbey B. A classification system for the detection of extraprostatic extension of prostate cancer on multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging. Radiology 290:709-19, 2019.

Harmon SA, Mena E, Shih JH, Adler S, McKinney Y, Bergvall E, Mehralivand S, Czarniecki M, Couvillon A, Madan RA, Gulley JL, Eary J, Mease RC, Pomper MG, Dahut WL, Turkbey B, Lindenberg L, Choyke PL. A comparison of prostate cancer bone metastases on 18F-Sodium Fluoride and Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (18F-PSMA) PET/CT: Discordant uptake in the same lesion. Oncotarget 9:37676-88, 2018.

Mehralivand S, Shih JH, Rais-Bahrami S, Oto A, Bednarova S, Nix JW, Thomas JV, Gordetsky JB, Gaur S, Harmon SA, Siddiqui MM, Merino MJ, Parnes HL, wood BJ, Pinto PA, Choyke PL, Turkbey B. An MRI based prediction model for reducing unnecessary prostate biopsies. JAMA Oncology 4:678-85, 2018.

Greer MD, Lay N, Shih JH, Barrett T, Bittencourt LK, Borofsky S, Kabakus I, Law YM, Marko J, Shebel H, Mertan FV, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Pinto PA, Summers RM, Choyke PL, Turkbey B. Computer aided diagnosis prior to conventional interpretation of prostate mpMRI: an international multi-reader study. European Radiology 28:4407-17, 2018.

Fay M, Brittain E, Shih JH, Follmann D, Gabriel E. Causal estimands and confidence intervals associated with Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney tests in randomized experiments. Statistics in Medicine. 37:2923-2937, 2018.

Shih JH, Greer MD, Turkbey B. The problems with the kappa statistic as a metric of inter-observer agreement n lesion detection using a third-reader approach when locations are not pre-specified. Academic Radiology 25:1325-32, 2018.

Shih JH and Fay MP. Pearson's chi-square test and rank correlation inferences for clustered data. Biometrics 73:822-34, 2017 R package.

Greer MD, Shih JH, Lay N, Barrett T, Bittencourt L, Borofsky S, Kabakus I, Law YM, Marko J, Shebel H, Mertan FV, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Pinto PA, Summers RM, Choyke PL, Turkbey B. Validation of PIRADSv2 and the role of DCE on Prostate mpMRI. Radiology 285:859-69, 2017.

Shih, JH, Albert PS, Mendola, P, Laughon SK. Modeling the Type and Timing of Consecutive events: Application to Predicting Preterm Birth in Repeated Pregnancies. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C. 64:711-30, 2015.

Muller BG, Shih JH, Sankineni S, Marko J, Rais-Bahrami S, George A, de la Rosette JJ, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Pinto P, Choyke PL,Turkbey B. Inter-observer agreement and accuracy of the revised prostate imaging . reporting and data systems (PI-RADS) for interpreting multiparametric MRI of the prostate. Radiology 277:741-50, 2015.

Albert, PS, Shih, JH. Modeling batched Gaussian longitudinal data subject to informative dropout. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 23: 203-17, 2014.

Yan, W, Shih, JH, Rodriguez-Canales, J, Tangera, MA, Diao, L, Hu, N, Goldstein, AM, Wang, J, Taylor, PR,Lippman, SM, Wistuba, II, Emmert-Buck, MR, Erickson, HS. Three-dimensional mRNA measurements reveal minimal heterogeneity in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. American Journal of Pathology 182:529-39, 2013.

Shih, JH. Copula models and analysis for multivariate failure time data. In Klein, J, Ibrahim, J, Scheike, T, Houwelingen, HV, editors, Handbook of Survival Analysis pp. 489-510, 2013.

Simone, NL, Dan, T, Shih, JH, Smith, SL, Sciuto, L, Lita, E, Swain, SM, Danforth, D, Camphausen, K. Twenty-five year results in the treatment of early stage breast carcinoma with mastectomy versus breast conservation therapy: The National Cancer Institute randomized trial. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 132:197-203, 2012.

Kurdziel, KA, Shih, JH, Linderberg, ML, Apolo, AB, Mena, E, McKinney, Y, Turkbey, IB, Dahut, W, Gulley, JL, Madan, R, Landgren, O, Choyke, PL. The kinetics and reproducibility of 18F-sodium fluoride (NaF) using current PET camera technology. J Nuclear Medicine 53:1175-84, 2012.

Scott, JG, Bauchet, L, Fraum, TJ, Nayak, L, Cooper, AR, Reiner, AS, Chao, ST, Suh, JH, Vogelbaum, MA, Peerboom, DV, Zouaoui, SZ, Mathieu-Daude, H, Fabbro-Peray, P, Rigau, V, Taillandier, L, Abrey, LE, DeAngelis, LM, Shih, JH, Iwamoto, FM. Recursive partitioning analysis identifies prognostic groups for glioblastoma patients aged 70 years or older. Cancer 118:5596-600, 2012.

Albert, PS, Shih, JH. On estimating the relationship between longitudinal measurements and time-to-event data using a simple two-stage procedure. Biometrics 66, 983-87, 2010.

Albert, PS, Shih, JH. An approach for jointly modeling multivariate longitudinal measurements and time-to-event data. The Annals of Applied Statistics 4,1517-32, 2010.

Shih, JH, Albert, PS. Modeling familial association of ages at onset of diseases in the presence of competing risk. Biometrics 66:1012-23, 2010.

Shih, JH, Lu, SE. Semiparametric estimation of a nested random effects model for the analysis of multi-level clustered failure time data. Journal of Computation Statistics and Data Analysis 53:3864-71, 2009.

Shih, JH. Sample size considerations for morbidity/mortality trials. Wiley Encyclopedia of Clinical Trials DOI: 10.1002/9780471462422, 2008.

Calvo KR, Dabir B, Kovach A, Devor C, Bandle R, Bond A, Shih JH, Jaffe ES. IL-4 protein expression and basal activation of Erk in vivo in follicular Lymphoma. Blood 112: 3818-26, 2008.

Shih JH and Lu SE. Analysis of failure time data with multi-level clustering with application to the child vitamin A intervention trial in Nepal. Biometrics 63:673-80, 2007.

Deeb KK, Michalowska AM, Yoon CY, Krummey SM, Hoenerhoff MJ, Kavanaugh C, Li MC, Demayo FJ, Linnoila I, Deng CX, Lee E YH, Medina D, Shih JH., Green, JE. An integrated cancer genetic network predicts aggressive human carcinomas with poor prognosis. Cancer Research 67:8065-80, 2007.

Lu SE, Shih JH. Case-cohort designs and analysis of clustered failure time data. Biometrics 62: 1138-48, 2006.

Chatterjee N, Zeynep K, Shih JH and Gail M. Case-control study with family history data: a combined approach of kin-cohort and case-control analysis. Biometrics 62: 36-48, 2006.

Shih JH, Michalowska AM, Dobbin K, Ye Y, Qiu TH, Green JE. Effects of pooling mRNA in microarray class comparisons. Bioinformatics 20: 3318-25, 2004.

Albert PS and Shih JH. Modeling tumor growth with random onset. Biometrics 59: 897-906, 2003.

Vasselli J, Shih JH , Iyengar SR, Maranchie J, Riss J, Worrell R, Torres-Cabala C, Tabios R, Mariotti A, Stearman R, Merino R, Walther MW, Simon R, Klausner R, Linehan WM. Predicting survival in patients with metastatic kidney cancer by gene expression profiling in the primary tumor. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 100: 6958-63, 2003.

Shih JH and Chatterjee, N. Survival analysis of family data from case- control studies. Biometrics 58: 502-09, 2002.

Chatterjee N, Shih JH. A bivariate mixture model for modeling familial association in diseases. Biometrics 57: 779-86, 2001.

Fay MP, Shih JH. Permutation tests using estimated distribution functions. Journal of the American Statistical Association 93: 387-96, 1998.

Shih JH. A goodness of fit test for association in a bivariate survival model. Biometrika 85: 189-200, 1998.

Shih JH and Louis TA. Inferences on the association parameter in copula models for bivariate survival data. Biometrics 51: 1384 99, 1995.

Shih JH. Sample size calculation for complex clinical trials with survival time endpoints. Controlled Clinical Trials 16: 395 407, 1995.

Dr. Joanna Shih

Office Address:
Room 5W124
9609 Medical Center Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

Contact Information:
Tel: (240) 276-6035
Fax: (240) 276-7888