Installation steps:


If you are a new user, please register at our Guest Book*. You need the registered email address to active BRB-ArrayTools. This software is free for non-commercial users. Commercial users should contact Mr. Thomas Clouse ( for licensing. For technical issues, please contact BRB-ArrayTools Support at (

*BRB-ArrayTools Licensing Agreement

3Download the R package collection

BRB-ArrayTools uses an old version of R. Some required R packages may have problems being installed automatically in the program from the internet. The R package collection contains the R packages required for most of the analysis tools in BRB-ArrayTools. The program may still need to install other R packages, such as annotation R packages.

After downloading the installer and the R package collection files, you need to put them under the same folder and run the installer to install BRB-ArrayTools and the R packages.

4Load ArrayTools add-in to Excel

BRB-ArrayTools software is add-ins of Microsoft Excel. If you use Excel 2003, BRB-ArrayTools add-ins will be automatically loaded into Excel.

If you use Excel 2007 and later, please follow instructions to set security level and load the Add-In into Excel after installation.