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NCI: DCTD: Biometric Research Branch
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Biometric Research Branch

Dr. Sally Hunsberger

Office Address:
Room 5W118
9609 Medical Center Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

Contact Information:
Tel: (240) 276-6032
Fax: (240) 276-7888

Sally photo

Research Interests
Smoothing methods, Clinical trial methodology.

-Multiple changepoint points for correlated binary data with applications to analyzing LOH data.
-Bias in estimating coefficients when observations are sampled from a tumor bank
-NCI statistical representative on the Childrens Oncology Group(COG), Data and Safety Monitoring Commmittee
-NCI statistical representative on the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast adn Bowel Project (NSABP) , Data and Safety Monitoring Commmittee
-NCI statistical representative on the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG), Data and Safety Monitoring Commmittee

Selected Publications 
As of May 15, 2003

Hunsberger, S., and Follmann D. (2001), A Test of Additivity in Semiparametric Regression using Kernel Smoothing. Statistics in Medicine 20:1-19.

Hunsberger, S., Davis, C.E., Murray, D., and Fabsitz, R.(2001). Imputation Strategies for Missing Data in a School Based Multicenter Study of American Indian Children: The Pathways Study. Statistics in Medicine 20:305-316.

Proschan, M. A., McMahon R.P., Shih, J. H., Hunsberger S., Geller, N.L., Knatterud, G., and Wittes, J. Sensitivity Analysis Using an Imputation Method for Missing Binary Data in Clinical Trials (2001). Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 96:155-165.

Follmann, D. A., Hunsberger, and S., Albert, P.S. Repeated Binary Regression When Covariates are Measured with Error (1999) Biometrics 55:403-409.

Davis, C., Hunsberger S., Murray, D., Fabsitz, R., Himes, J., and Stephenson, L. (1999). Design and Statistical Analysis for Pathways. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 69:(4) 760S-763S.

Thompson, B., Geller, N., Hunsberger, S., Fredrick, M., Hill, R., Kaufmann, P., Jacob, R.G., Freedman, R.R., Smith, E.A., Wigley, F.M., and Bielory, L. Designing Clinical Trials When Interventions Require Different Treatment and Followup Methods: The Raynauds Treatment Study (1999). Controlled Clinical Trials, 20:(1) 52-63.

Albert, P.S., Hunsberger, S.A., and Biro, F.(1997). Modeling repeated measures with monotonic ordinal response and misclassification error, with applications to studying maturation (1997). Journal of the American Statistical Association 92: 1304-1312, 1997.

Proschan, M.A. and Hunsberger, S. (1995). Extending Studies Based on Conditional Power. Biometrics, 51:1315-1324.

Hunsberger, S.A. (1994). Semiparametric Regression in Likelihood Based Models. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 89:1354-1365.

Hunsberger, S., Sorlie, P., and Geller, N. (1994). Stochastic Curtailing and Conditional Power in Matched Case--Control Studies. Statistics in Medicine 13:663-670.

Wu, M.C., Hunsberger, S.A., and Zucker D. (1994). Testing for Differences in Changes in the Presence of Censoring: Semiparametric Versus Parametric and Nonparametric Methods. Statistics in Medicine,13:635-646.

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