The frozen version of BRB-ArrayTools is identical with the stable release of BRB-ArrayTools v4.6.1 except that it is associated with a fixed/self-contained R version. It is intended to be used when there is limited or no access to the Internet, under which circumstance some required R packages cannot be downloaded. Aside from the installation file, a zipped file containing the R packages required for all the analysis tools in BRB-ArrayTools is provided. However, this frozen version has its limitation in that it does not provide annotation packages. Therefore, it is NOT recommended for users who have access to the Internet. The user needs to follow these steps in order to install this frozen version of BRB-ArrayTools,

1. Download the stable release of BRB-ArrayTools

2. Download the file

After downloading these two files, the user needs to put them under the same folder before installing the software.